Blacka di Danca’s New Company – DANCA LLC

Blacka di Danca proudly announces he is officially the business owner and founder of DANCA LLC!! Look out for more to come from DANCA Agency and the DANCA Family!

“Never stop. Because people will limit your growth according to their vision or progress. The day you let someone else’s failures block your blessings is the day that you decided to block your own blessings. Unfortunately, the system never taught me about starting my own business and career day never left room for entrepreneurs, so the only way to inspire change is to be the change! These are the official papers to MY own company. DANCA LLC. Because I decided years ago to never again work for someone else. No office. No dance agency. No boss. Can’t wait to walk into my children’s career day… one day… #dreamandneverceaseagain” – Blacka di Danca


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