Blacka Di Danca Releases First Ebook on Turning Dance Into A Career

Dance is a Real Career

When we think of dance, we often think of the fame and glitz associated with the performance arts. However, the reality is that a career in dance can provide much more than just recognition. When done right, it can offer a stable and lucrative career path. Blacka Di Danca understands this reality better than anyone. 

“I want to help dancers create a successful career path and turn their passions into professions they can be proud of,” says Blacka. “My ebook provides the tools and advice needed to make it happen. ” His first ebook, titled “Turning Dance Into A Career”, is a comprehensive guide to making dance a sustainable profession.

In the ebook, Blacka Di Danca shares his own lessons learned from over 20 years in the business. He provides advice on creating a successful career path, from developing an entrepreneurial mindset to mastering essential skills such as networking and marketing. He also covers more practical topics such as how to find and apply for jobs, how to set up dance tours, and how to host workshops. At its core, “Turning Dance Into A Career” is an empowering guide to forge a successful and profitable career in dance. For dancers looking to take the plunge and make a living out of their art, his ebook is an essential read.

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