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Ripley Grier Classes:

Address520 8th avenue between 36th and 37th street, New York, NY 10018

$15 per class

All Groupons are valid for classes at Ripley Grier ONLY.

*Weekly class schedule subject to change. Remember to check the posted schedules before attending and email to be added to the email list for scheduling changes.

*Private 1 – on – 1 or discounted group sessions are available!

*Dress in anything you can sweat in, but try to avoid wearing running sneakers. Basketball/Tennis sneakers are preferable.

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A high-energy and educationally informative Caribbean dance class with Jamaican cultural influences.

This class starts with a group stretching session to calming Reggae music and then progresses into the explanation of foundational dancehall steps and movement. Blacka takes the time to explain the meanings/definitions of dancehall steps and connects techniques from the mid 1980’s to present day dances.

Many dancehall dances are derived from meanings, sayings, actions and the patois within the Caribbean community, and mastering this knowledge helps in the growth for every student interested in understanding dancehall culture. Understanding of this culture and lifestyle brings ease to the seemingly complex steps, and breaks down social stereotypes of the music and dance.

Blacka brings a well-rounded cultural experience in all of his classes, and makes learning fun. His classes are open-level that gradually intensify with occasional choreography, but at times, remain basic for foundational growth. If you want to understand the music, lyrics, language and influences behind your favorite songs and dances, while getting a great workout, then this is the class for you.

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