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“Dancehall Dreams with Blacka Di Danca” – Mini Documentary

Dance instructor, choreographer, cultural ambassador, viral video star… Blacka Di Danca is at the forefront of dancers taking dancehall culture worldwide. In this episode of LargeUp TV shot by Tony Lowe, experience a day in the life of Blacka Di Danca, as he reminisces over his beginnings in Brooklyn, hits the club with his Danca Family, tours his old neighborhood in Crown Heights, and invites us into one of his massively popular dancehall classes in Times Square.

Keeping up with Blacka is no easy task. He’s in a new country practically every day, sharing his love of dancehall with students from Siberia to Colombia — when he’s not on stage or shooting videos with the likes of Rihanna, Alkaline and Major Lazer, that is. In this window into his life, you’ll see what it took for Blacka to get to where he is today, and how he’s keeping his movement going full throttle.

Watch Dancehall Dreams with Blacka Di Danca right here, and follow Blacka’s journey here.


Learn the Dances From Rihanna’s “Work” Video (tutorial)

Learn the dances you’ve seen in Rihanna and Drake’s music video “Work” here in my free tutorial featuring Danca Family (Nelly Danca and Aliyah Ali). We’ll demonstrate the dancehall dances that we did in the video and even the ones we did on set, behind-the-scenes that didn’t make the final cut!

Just press play to learn.


Blacka Di Danca featured in Rihanna’s “Work” music video!

While I was on my way to dance class, I got a WhatsApp message from a friend. Attached was a screenshot of an Instagram post that had some bare-minimum information for an open audition in Toronto within the next 24 hours, for the Rihanna ft. Drake – “Work” music video. I want to share the story on how I became a part of this video. It’s surreal how everything actually came together… within 24 hours.

Read the full story here:

Blacka’s World: How I Got To “Work Work Work Work Work” With Rihanna