Axel Marshall

Axel Marshall, born in Lille, France, is an avid lover of reggae and dancehall music and dance. He started to learn urban dances, especially dancehall, in 2011. In 2012, he began to take part in multiple workshops in France to improve his knowledge of dancehall. Since 2014, he’s been traveling throughout Europe to improve his studies; mainly Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, and Belgium. He’s also been to Morocco for international dancehall cultural events. During his travels, Axel very often meets and shares with other dancers with the same passions. Since 2015, he’s competed in multiple dancehall battles in Berlin and Portugal, reaching the quarter-finals and finals in these competitions.

Since 2018 he’s teaching Dancehall classes in Lille.

Credits: Mr. Vegas, Konshens, Jahriki, and the Kizomba Swimming Festival.

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