Decio “Dextyle” Bernardo, started to learn urban dances in 2002 in professional dance Academies in Italy. In 2007, he fell in love with dancehall, a socio-cultural dance from Jamaica. He’s traveled all around the world, joining dance workshops throughout Europe, USA, Africa and Jamaica to further learn more about dancehall dance culture.

Since 2012, he has been teaching dancehall classes and hosting international workshops mainly in Belgium and Europe. In 2014 he started teaching the elements of Jamaican Culture with the project entitled “KINGSTON TEK OVA” throughout Europe in which he uses footage from his travels to Jamaica with interviews and testimonials from pioneer dancehall dancers and icons.

Decio is constantly working on spreading and preserving dancehall culture in its authenticity.

Credits: Junior Reid, Konshens and World of Dance.

Role: Blacka Di Danca’s manager, DANCA® Brand co-owner, DANCA® Agency co-owner.

Tour manager : Blacka Di Danca, Slip, King Kayak, Aliyah.

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