Kye Kye Legacy Danca

Robert “Kye Kye” Smart was born and raised in Yallahs, St. Thomas, Jamaica. He has been around dancehall all of his life and has been dancing literally since birth. Kye Kye, an original member of the popular dance group “Ghetto Legacy”, gained international fame and recognition in 2011 with the group’s hit dance “Bucky Bounce”. Videos from his street performances in Jamaica went viral overseas, and as his videos went viral, so did Kye Kye. He’s known for his smooth and unique movement which has become very distinct in his style. Kye Kye teaches dancehall workshops in multiple countries overseas very often and the “Bucky Bounce” is still one of the world’s most beloved dancehall steps.

Credits: RDX, Kreesha Turner, I Octane, Richie Loop, Cecile, and the Brooklyn Museum.

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